Vicky Cleary

UPLIFT Healthy Lifestyle


I started my healthy lifestyle journey as a child, very active in gymnastics and track and curious about how the food I ate would sustain my body through all the activity. As an adult I explored weightlifting, kickboxing, pilates, yoga, and more! I experimented with a variety of dietary strategies to eat healthy, get lean, or gain muscle.

Friends and coworkers would ask about my strategies, inspired to make changes in their lives. I loved being able to share my experiences and knowledge with them. When I finally learned what a Health Coach was, I knew this was how I could help more people to make healthy changes in their lives.

I felt I could best get started by becoming a yoga teacher. The teachings in yoga go way beyond the physical and invite you to create balance, which I found to have a profound impact on my own life. I’ve been teaching yoga since 2017.

Now I've added in the next layer, focusing less on just the physical aspects of a healthy lifestyle and offering a more well-rounded approach that encourages change through the small and regular improvement of habits.

I believe in living a healthy life, filled with joy and gratitude. This inspires and guides my coaching practice, which is focused on helping my clients better connect to themselves and their healthiest self.

Remember, when your practice, your exercise or your life gets tough, the first step is to just breathe. Now, let's discover your healthiest self.

Vicky Cleary