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Miranda Jolly

Business Coach


Miranda Jolly’s entrepreneurial spirit has been strong since the young age of 13 when she with her sisters and her dad set up their first ever business engraving metal and plastic plate designs. Creating these legend plates indicated how different switches and levers operated on complex machines ignited her interest in analytics and deepened her connection to her family’s business background. Together they were able to grow the business by serving the needs of the electrical and manufacturing industries throughout the city of Wichita. Nowadays she uses that same dedication and drive for helping small businesses grow into sustainable, successful organizations.

In 2017 she saw her success caused a poor work and life balance when her family grew into a husband, two daughters, and one son (not mentioning the farm animals). She decided to go off in a dramatically new direction by joining a women’s clothing company to explore her interest in creativity, supporting women, and getting back into small businesses outside of the corporate environment.

Currently, 5 years later, she continues to launch new seasons of attire and apparel to help women feel confident in their own bodies. Miranda translates these skills she has refined over the years into her role as a Tab Contract Facilitator to show businesses the path towards effective development and sustainable growth. She strives to help every client she works with find the joy and meaning within their careers, lives, and organizations so that they can pour into others to help make a significant impact in the Wichita community just like how her family originally poured into her to launch her into the success she has today.

When Miranda isn’t helping business owners find a path to success, she loves spending time with her family especially when they have the opportunity to travel or when she can engage with her kids’ extracurricular sports activities.

Miranda Jolly
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