Karen Frazier-Whittle

4 Essentials of Wellbeing


Maybe you can relate to my story. As a wife, mother, and busy career woman, I took care of everyone else...except myself. I grabbed food on the run, rarely exercised and a good night's sleep was generally 5-6 hours. I went from a size 7 to a size 24 dress size (which equated to 100 extra pounds on my body). Midway through my career, these choices started to effect my health. After a visit to the doctor's office with symptoms of rapid breathing and chest pains, I took a hard look at myself and started thinking "I should do something about this." But good intentions did not get me to the gym or change my eating or sleep habits. Within a few short years I had another health scare which was finally the wake-up call needed and I began the journey of taking care of me.

I know that everyone is on a journey and we are seeking a better life through a variety of paths. But too often we don't reach our goals. Why? We look for singular solutions, ones that impact parts of our wellness but not others. In order to truly flourish, we need tools that round out the full extent of ourselves. Specifically we must undergo a lifestyle change that takes into account all 4 Essentials of Wellbeing.

As a certified coach in health, life and wellness, I believe I am uniquely qualified to offer guidance in all 4 Essentials of Wellbeing and will work together with you to find what best helps you pursue personal dreams, goals and a lifestyle based on healthy habits and choices.

I look forward to helping YOU reach your wellness goals and discover the non-negotiable necessities of planning and preparation, scheduling times to take care of yourself, and implementing purposeful decision-making concerning your own health and wellbeing. If you are ready for positive change in your life, book a free consultation and let's talk.

Karen Frazier-Whittle