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Ben Walker

The Alternative Board


In late 2001, Ben left this position to join Abitibi-Consolidated, a Fortune 500 Company and the largest newsprint manufacturer in the world. Here, as senior director of public affairs, he was responsible for managing communications and government affairs in the US and UK.

In 2013 Ben’s cousin asked for help developing his tile company. Eager to help and ready for a career change, Ben moved to Kansas City to join forces. Ben led the development of Capital Tile, a Kansas City-Focused Commercial Tile Contractor. Ultimately, Ben created a vision for developing the company to have a strong culture of investing in its employees, developing strong relationships with their customers, and creating beautiful tile work that could stand the test of time.

His persistence in creating this future led to him becoming the CEO of Capital Tile in 2013. Now, he uses his experience to coach others in how they can also build their business.

Ben Walker
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