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Our Tips on Cross-Generational Recruiting

OUR TIPS ON CROSS-GENERATIONAL RECRUITING “As recruiters begin to grapple with the influx of Millennial talent into the workforce, many are finding that their tried-and-true tactics and strategies don’t seem to be as effective as they had been for previous generations.” Whether it be centennials, millennials, gen Xers, or baby boomers, the most successful workplaces have a variety of generational diversity. It’s no secret, however, that many businesses struggle when it comes to understanding how to effectively recruit cross-generationally. At A Z Advisory Group, we employ and work with individuals who belong to each of the age groups. We wanted to take the time to showcase various strategies from KRT Marketing and on how to attract each generation into your workplace. 1. Centennials/Gen Z (Born between 1995-2012) What they are looking for: Learning opportunities, mentorship from leaders, flexibility in work time and space, a digital presence, and knowing that they will be heard and can truly contribute to the company Recruiting tactics: Promoting benefits within the company and provide examples on how they can make a difference and contribute beyond the normal day-to-day work. Using online job listings and utilizing social media is great when it comes to reaching this generation. 2. Millennials/Gen Y/Xenniels (Born between 1977-1994) What they are looking for: Opportunities for growth, mentorship programs, flexibility in work-life balance, and the ability to engage digitally. Recruiting tactics: Promoting company culture, showing off benefits, and providing examples of how they can play an effective role in the company as a whole instead of being just another employee. Utilizing the internet is also a good recruiting method for the millennial generation. 3. Gen Z/Baby Bust (Born between 1966-1976) What they are looking for: Room for growth, consistency/stability within the company, work-life balance, company values, training/development opportunities, mentorship programs, benefits, and career path development Recruiting tactics: Utilizing online sources and other mobile tools such as text or email, promoting company cultures, and showing off the day-to-day of the role they could be filling. 4. Baby Boomers (Born between 1966-1976) What they are looking for: Flexible hours as they get older, stability in roles as retirement approaches, and healthcare benefits Recruiting tactics: Digital/web recruiting, taking advantage of offline media such as print, radio, or commercials, and being direct/to the point about the aspects of their role or company vision By implementing these tactics, you will see how you not only begin to attract more of each generation into your workplace but will be able to retain them for longer as well. Need further assistance in recruiting employees? No problem! Contact our A Z A team today to learn how our team can collaborate with you to find the right people!

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